Thursday, August 28, 2008

We are not all on a vacation; some of us are trying to get to work. MOVE!!

Um, excuse me. Sightsee after rush hour. I live in Florida, the land of Newly wed and nearly dead. I cannot count the times that I get behind a couple of sightseers creeping down the road, video camera out the window, sunshades from Disney on their heads crawling at 15 MPH below the posted limit. This is at prime time rush hour, what is wrong with people. Are you so outta touch you forget that people live where you take your vacation? They have to get to work, and you are in their way. Wait till later on to take in the sights. And stay right !!

And you are in the handicapped spot why? You look healthy to me. I hate these people, where can I get one of those things for my mirror.

Tell me this doesn’t it make you mad when you are walking a half mile through the Walmart parking lot, and a healthy 20 something is getting out of a car with a handicapped placard. Gonna regret this, but fat is not disabled neither is lazy. The walk might do you some good.

Today is August 31 2008:

Today as I drove it through the movie theater parking lot I noticed several cars in the handicapped spaces with completely healthy people getting out or into their cars. How pathetic do you have to be to use a placard when you know that LAZY is not a disability. Fortunately the theater has what seems like 60 plus spots for disabled parking. Apparently they like to make sure the truly disabled have a chance. Nothing irritates me more that seeing a 20 something person in perfect health pulling their little placard from the glove box and sticking on the mirror and running in to a store or other place of business.

I have also wondered why someone would need a disabled spot at the mall. Aren’t you planning on walking a mile or more in there?

The Flashing lights, crossing bar and the train horn mean WAIT. If you are hit by a train you are an idiot.

It's a train people, it outweighs you by a million times. It will kill you. No excuses here. I can see messing with a sasquatch but not a train.

Darwinism may explain some of this, but what about the poor passenger stuck in the car with an idiot who wants to risk their lives as well.

Automotive Shopping Network

Eight miles with the turn signal on. What is wrong with these people?

Come on, don't you hear that clicking noise. Check the dash every now and then.
This really irritates me, people who cruise down the road oblivious to the fact they are confusing and annoying the people behind them. We follow just waiting to see when they will actually turn. I don't know about you but the constant tick, tick of the indicator is enough to drive me mad.

Today is Sept 4 2008:

This last weekend was a challenge, I was trying to drive through Bradenton FL to a job site and it seemed that every person that had no particular place to go was in front of me. The biggest culprits are the bluehairs, don't get me wrong I have the utmost respect for our elderly; I just wish they would take the bus. I was behind a big ole Lincoln for 3 miles staring at a blinking right turn signal from the left lane. Only until they were about 20 yards from their turn did they decide to change into the appropriate lane. How many times have they made that trip? Does that turn still catch them off guard?

Stay off my a$$!! Tailgaters and why they are the scum of the earth.

Is it really necessary to do a rectal exam at 75 MPH? There is no reason to be that close. It just makes me slow down that much more. Don't be surprised to you hear the clink of coins or marbles on your windshield if you find yourself on my bumper. These guys are some of the worst, and if you are one of them, may your armpits be infected with the fleas of hundred camels.

Today is Sept 2 2008:
Well on the way to work today some guy wants to go 90 when everyone else is going 80. I saw him coming, weaving around everyone acting like an ass. So, I decided to have some fun. The best part is he doesn't really know I am screwing with him, I time it just right so he cannot pass me and is blocked by a slower car. As soon as he is around that one I slow down till he feels the need to pass again and I speed up to block him once more. This goes on for about 10 miles, finally I am bored with him and I let him zoom on past. I just hope I had him banging the wheel absolutely furious as hell. I love to screw with you tailgaters.

I waited 2 hours in traffic to see a horrible accident and it was a dead armadillo. WTH

If I wait that long I want to see something smashed up. Don't you just hate being forced to sit in stop and go traffic for 45 minutes and the only thing that helps you bear it will be seeing how smashed up the cars will be when you finally reach the accident scene only to see nothing, no crash, no fire, nothing. What a let down.

Slower traffic keep RIGHT, hello!

Who are you people, move over!


No explanation necessary, Just remember it is slick. It is frozen water, logic should tell you that if water is slick on the roads the odds of it getting slicker increase if you freeze it. We should have snow stickers on our cars or licenses, if you pass the snow test you can drive in it, otherwise stay home.


See SNOW. imagine it in liquid form. What about rain turns normally decent drivers into absolute idiots. If you have half a brain you should know that traction might be reduced during heavy rain. I love seeing that person flying along as if it was a sunny day and then the perplexed look on their face as they hydroplane into the guardrail. Those are good times. This lady finds a reason to smile about it.

Why do people put their flashers on and drive 25 MPH on the interstate during a little rain? If you cannot see, then it is time to get off the road. Let the people who are not afraid of rain get to where they need to go. The flashers are not magic, they do not ward off SUV's doing 80 in the fastlane and your flashers will not protect you from the waves of water you are having thrown by oncoming traffic. If rain scares you that much ride the bus or drive on sunny days.

Why are the drive up ATMs offering braille? Actually I think I have seen a few blind drivers.

Just to jumpstart the comedy portion of this blog. The question about the Braille has been asked before but there are many other signs of obvious stupidity on the road to go along with it. I love the "Not responsible for damage cause by debris". Trust me if that cinderblock falls off your truck you will be responsible one way or the other.

Ever see that open trailer with 3 scoops of mulch on it and not a single piece falls off. If that was me I would have any empty trailer by the time I got home.

Bumper stickers could be a whole separate topic here but for now I have to say I hate those stupid things. I would hate to have hundreds of people form an opinion of me from a 3 by 8 sticker on my car. I have read some of the most stupid things on the backs of cars. I admit some are funny however trying to save the planet with a sticker is a bit silly

Yellow means slow down, RED means stop for the FIRST car. Proceed on green at your own risk.

If you are one of the light stretchers you suck. No point in defending yourself, you are gonna kill someone someday.

Today is Aug 31 2008:

Just yesterday some fool thought his being 3 minutes later was worth risking the lives of my family. Had I the time and firearms I may be in jail right now. Please stop at red lights, remember the other person's light is green.

Sept 6 2008:

Watched a guy cream a light pole today, He ran a red light but the dumptruck coming with the green won, it was perfect, he runs the light and it's too late to stop so he swerves to avoid truck and wraps it around a cement light poile. I didn't even slow down, I did not see anyone who witnessed his reckless act even consider stopping. I hope he is messed up pretty good.

It’s an ambulance get the hell out of the way!

What about a siren, horn and flashing lights makes people stupid. Your house might be on fire, get outta the way and let em pass.

The big rigs and the fact that they do own the whole damn road or at least think so.

Thank you for delivering the goods we all need. Stop being idiots and share the road. Actually I know you guys are probably better drivers than most, but you are an aggressive bunch.

Ethnic differences. This is in no way meant to be racist, they are simply stereotypes! Get over it.

You can think what you want but I have seen certain things with my own eyes that make this a valid concern.

Today is Aug 31 2008

I may offend a few people here but since I don't care then I guess it doesn't matter. You have all had experiences which follow certain stereotypes to the tee. Some sections of our population cannot drive, what is worse they think they can and they don't know who they are. I realize that stupid knows no boundaries racial or otherwise but when I see what I see I can only come to so many conclusions.

Motorcycles. Why no one ever seems to see these guys.

Please, please watch out for the guys. Share the road and be careful. Oh wear a helmet fool.

The BMW crowd, because my car is nicer you must yield. (was that in the manual?) This includes the (Mercedes, Lexus, Porsche and others we wanna hate

Why does the type of car you drive give you any more right to cut me off than anyone else?

Redneck-mobiles (maybe you can defend your need for a full size pickup 3 feet in the air I dunno).

I am sure there is a purpose for these I just can't figure it out.

These are the same guys with the fake ball sack hanging from their trailer hitch. I love having to explain to my daughter what they are. This truck is compensating for something small I think.

Man vs Woman, This should get a few stirred up.

Let's try to keep it somewhat civil here. But we all know who can drive better.

Today is Aug 31 2008:
My wife will have a fit when she reads this and I am open-minded enough to read any comments which may make me think otherwise, but most women cannot drive. This does not mean all women, just the ones who get behind a wheel. I am kidding a little, I know this is not the truth about all female drivers, it just seems that way when I am observing the other drivers on my daily commute.

The worst of the worst. ( I will leave this up to your imagination).

I am sure this will be a free for all. Look for other topics that may be more specific to your post.

I don't really need to comment on this picture but I feel I must. I want to put these people into the wall, fortunately I am a law abiding person and only think about it. It is fun however to abruptly slow in front of them just to see a drink spilled or a burrito dropped on the floor. Most of you can only do one thing at a time and if that thing is driving you defiantly need to pay attention.

Senior Drivers (not all of em, you don’t know who you are.)

Say what you will, but there needs to be a re-testing program after a certain age. Sorry grandpa.
I have seen some elderly citizens (not all), but some who can barely manage to walk, shuffle to the car, get in and drive off (albeit 10 minutes has passed from door to door). Are you kidding me, these people have lived full lives don't go and rob someone else of theirs.

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